Unleash the Hero Within

A journaling experience for anyone seeking a deep exploration of self, with a unique mythological twist.

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A Ten Stage Journey Inward

Broken into ten stages, your course kit will be packed with writing prompts, activities, meditations, and more.

You will use Joseph Campbell's famous archetypal framework, The Hero's Journey, to chart the course for your adventure of self discovery and liberation.
This framework has been used to structure hundreds (if not more) epic tales, books and movies throughout our generation: Aladdin, Star Wars, Finding Nemo, Rocky, The Alchemist, Harry Potter & Frozen, to name a few.While this serves as a helpful tool to craft a heroic narrative, it can be equally powerful in creating the heroic tale that is YOUR LIFE.

In this Experience, you will

Upon your registration for the course, you will receive your Hero Guide (a collection of 10 PDF documents), designed to accompany you through your Hero’s Journey. Each document will include a suggested: meditation + journal prompt + exercise.

Through these exercises you will be challenged to share, listen, sit, be with yourself, wonder, explore, laugh, cry, scream and love. You might find yourself expressing yourself in ways that you never have before. You might discover new art forms or forms of reflection. You will certainly be given the space and time to let parts of yourself out of their cage, free to play in the wild, perhaps for the first time ever. How beautiful and terrifying!

“My experience has been so eye-opening and insightful. The weekly exercises and prompts made me reflect and dig deeper into my psyche - sometimes bringing me to tears.” - Yasmeen Masri, Boston

During your Adventure

You will be writing, meditating, experiencing, reflecting, challenging, and understanding.

For example:
As the hero begins their journey in the ordinary world, you will examine your own and explore how this environment influences the way you see the worldAs the hero hears his/her call to adventure, you will hear (and CLAIM) your own — this is the thing calling you out of your comfort zone and "into the wild"As the hero meets their mentor/guide, you will acquire two your ownAnd yes, as the hero encounters obstacles, fire breathing dragons, dark magic and resistance along the path, you will too. But fear not, you will have the courage and support to continue on!

“Profound. I have done a fair amount of self-inquiry and internal work over the years but never in the context of journaling and writing. I deeply enjoyed having consistent weekly exercises where I could truly "unleash" different aspects of myself that I was never previously given the forum to.” - Naomi Matlow, Toronto

Travel Tips

This is a journey-at-your-own-pace kind of adventure.

Some people have completed the course in ten weeks, others in ten months. Our suggestion is that however you decide to pace yourself, travel with intention and hold yourself (or enlist a fellow hero to hold you) accountable. Schedule in a regular cadence for when you will sit with each exercise, dive in, and flow into whatever wants to happen.

Throughout this entire process, there is NO pressure. NO judgment, nothing to do or say or be, other than exactly as you are. Perfect.

You are ready if

You are seeking internal clarity and want to unleash the hero that lives inside of youYou will read carefully, journal thoughtfully, and act with intentionYou're eager to dive deep into shadows and caves, opening your arms to uncertainty and adventure

You are NOT ready if,

You believe that this course is a silver bullet. It is but a compass and a map for your own journey. By itself, the material will not unleash your hero. Only you can do thatYou aren't willing to organize yourself (at your own pace). To make this successful, block off time and space to complete every part of the course

“Moving! Each writing prompt shined a spotlight on what I'd need to Live a life worth living. The meditations and free writing gave me one of the most surprising benefits...True Release.” - Damon Megerle, San Diego

Pay What You Can

As the main character of your Hero’s Journey, you deserve to have full ownership of your experience, including your investment. With that, we want to share a message that we believe to be true for all things in life: you attract the outcomes you think you deserve. In other words, you get out what you put in. This applies to all forms of energy you invest in anything: money, time, level of commitment, etc. This course is no different.

Take a classic Hero’s Journey, Aladdin’s story, for example:

At first, Aladdin thought that he, as himself, “the street rat,” could never be loved. Especially by someone like Princess Jasmine. He thought he had to change himself. To become a royal with riches and an entourage and magic, in order to become worthy of the life and love he so deeply desired.

In the end, with the help of his mentor (Genie), allies (Abu and the Magic Carpet) and the many tests, obstacles and enemies (Jafar) along the way --

pausing to remind you that this course is designed to provide you with mentors + allies, as well as bring you face to face with tests, obstacles and enemies, in service of your growth

-- Aladdin unlocked the lesson he needed, that HE was his greatest treasure: his heart and mind and pure intentions and spirit. HE alone, was what made him worthy and deserving of everything he wanted in life: true Love, a beautiful kingdom to care for, and a sense of belonging to something greater than himself.

We say all this to say: it’s not about the money for us. We created this course for YOU. Invest what feels good for you, maybe even what feels a little uncomfortable. Your energetic commitment is simply a vehicle for your own growth and expansion.

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